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  • Apollon Bairaktaridis

Israeli Research Indicates Reduced Effectiveness of Biontech Covid-19 Vaccine Due to Delta Variant

Recent research in Israel points to lower effectiveness of the Biontech vaccine against Delta, however the same research shows that this vaccine, along with nearly all others, have the same effectiveness (more than 90%) to protect against serious symptoms of Covid.

The new Delta variant threatens to impede the progress of vaccination effectiveness around the world. (Photo: AARP)

The Covid-19 vaccine of Biontech enjoys a good reputation in Europe and the USA. Many people set their hopes mostly to Biontech for ending the pandemic through its´ vaccines and Biontech was specifically praised because its vaccine was thought to have significantly lower side effects.

The appearance of the virus mutations is unfortunately a real threat to worsen the situation one more time. This concern is now identified by Israeli authorities. Israel announced last week, that the effectiveness of the Biontech vaccine while facing the now dominant Delta variant has been reduced from 90% to 64%.

According to the vaccine has only a percentage of 64% to prevent an infection but still preserves a 93% of preventing from a heavy illness. Further investigations are needed to clarify the results of the research. According to new information from multiple health agencies around the world, a third dose of the vaccine, or a second shot in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, will be needed for the new Delta variant of the virus.

To this point we can only be sure about one thing: The end of the pandemic is still not close to be finished.

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