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The Millennial Agora is objective journalism for the modern age. Founded by two friends from opposite ends of the political spectrum and opposite ends of the Earth, we bring different ideas, opinions and lifestyles together in the modern Agora: the Internet. The goal of the Millennial Agora is to analyze and explain, not persuade. Our mission is to make sure you leave better informed when you exit our website than when you entered it and to give readers the opportunity to engage with the contributors in an open environment. Our articles touch on everything from politics to literature to sports, ensuring that everyone finds something in the Millennial Agora. We hope you enjoy your time here. γειά μας! (Cheers!)



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Schuyler Beltrami


A student of history at the University of Mannheim in Germany and a native of New York City, Schuyler has spent years on both sides of Atlantic, which has offered him unique viewpoints and opinions to the world around us. His interests include reading history books and classic novels, as well as rooting hard for his beloved Dallas Stars, Chicago Bears and New York Mets when not travelling around the world. 


Mikuláš Vochozka


Mikuláš Vochozka was born in Prague, Czech republic, where he is also living at the moment. He is currently studying Media Studies at the Metropolitan University Prague. He is a Czech author with one novel published and more on the way. He is also a passionate reader and billiards player. He is interested in Anglophone countries; their history and politics, especially the USA and Ireland. He is an expert on business etiquette and is interested in elegant menswear.


Apollon Bairaktaridis

Apollon is a Greek student studying History and Spanish language at the University of Mannheim in Germany. When not writing for the Millennial Agora, he enjoys working out, reading and traveling around Europe. 

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Adam Mesjar

Adam was born in Slovakia. In his youth he moved with his family to the Czech Republic, where he grew up and lives in  Prague to this day. He is currently studying Media Studies at the Metropolitan University Prague. His hobbies are reading and playing various sports.

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Tereza Krautová

Tereza was born in Roudnice nad Labem in the Czech Republic where she attended a local high school and then moved to Prague to study at university. She has a bachelor degree in political science from Charles University and now is studying for her master degree in media studies at the Metropolitan University Prague. She is interested in history, philosophy, the israel-palestine conflict and her hobbies include drawing and painting.

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Marko Pecotic

Marko was born in Prague, Czech Republic, but is of Croatian descent. As his family was forced to leave former Yugoslavia as wartime refugees, he is naturally interested in the events that led up to the disintegration of Yugoslavia. As a fluent speaker of the Croatian language, he is captivated by the politics, history and culture of the former Yugoslav republics. He is an aspiring student of political science at Charles University in Prague. He loves classical theater, movies and historical literature of any kind.



Balázs Farkas

Balázs Farkas hails from Hungary and grew up in a town near Budapest. He is a student at Corvinus University of Budapest, studying Business and Management. His passions are travelling and playing football. Balázs is involved in rock music and plays the bass guitar. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of Manchester United. In his articles, he puts a main focus on Finance and Sports.

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Rafael Scherzinger

Rafael is a half-Hungarian, half-German from near Budapest, who is studying History and Economics at the University of Mannheim in Germany. His hobbies include everything around football and fps esports, he also plays football for German football club PSV Rapid Mannheim.

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Giorgos Kyriazidis

Giorgos was born in Greece but he spent more than half of his life in Italy. That's why he grew up bilingual. He is currently studying Law, in the Sapienza University of Rome. Some of his favourite themes of discussion involve History, Philosophy and Geopolitics, but he will gladly engage in just about any debate. His passions include traveling, photography, sports, drawing and learning new languages (right now it's Swedish). 







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