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  • Giorgos Pismisis

Which Countries Were the Most Addicted to Coffee in 2020?

Coffee is a timeless worldwide custom. But which countries are among the champions in coffee consumption per capita?


Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages as well as one of the most popular and beloved goods in the world. Only from the numbers is the importance of coffee easily understood. According to Hughes S. et al. (2014), more than 2.3 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world. Another more fascinating statistic is that its consumption reaches about 10 million tons per year according to a statistical survey of 2020/2021 ( It is noteworthy that it is cultivated in more than 70 countries in the world and ranks second among the most traded products in the world after oil.

One of the largest coffee producers in the world is Brazil, while Europe represents 34% of global coffee consumption in 2019, amounting to 3,356,000 tons of coffee, according to Coffee Market Report 2020 - I.C.O.

According to an estimate from the "Statista Consumer Market Outlook", 2020, people in the Netherlands are the most addicted to coffee in the world. The consumption of coffee per capita was set to be 8.3 kilograms, making them the most “addicted” coffee drinkers globally. Northern European countries and more specifically the Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway are grouped together behind the Netherlands.

Selected countries with the highest rate of coffee consumption per capita in the world (photo:

Below is a brief overview of the countries with the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world in 2020.

· The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a champion in world coffee consumption with 8.3 kg per person. Coffee is certainly an integral part of the daily life of every Dutch person, as well as a part of the culture of this country.

· Finland

In this Scandinavian country, coffee consumption reaches 7.8 kg per capita, which is why it is near the top. As for what coffee they prefer, the lighter the better.

· Sweden

The term "fika" here literally means "coffee break" something that Swedes observe, preferring the classic French coffee, plain. Their consumption reaches 7.6 kg per person per year.

· Norway

Norway is another country in northern Europe that consumes coffee extensively. There they prefer their coffee plain, often with a meal and the consumption reaches 6.6 kg per person.

· Canada

Coffee is the most popular beverage in this country, which is consumed even more than tap water! Some of the most popular coffee chains are the Second Cup, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks with a consumption of 5.5 kg per capita.

· Lebanon

In this country, after drinking coffee, they feel they are “predicting” the future. What is certain is that the coffee they consume reaches 5.3 kg per person.

· Germany

Germans prefer roasted filter coffee, but also cappuccino. Consumption reaches 5.2 kg per person.

· Brazil

Brazil may produce the most coffee in the world, but it does not have the first place in its consumption per person. The coffee consumption there reaches 5.1 kg per capita.

Does your country consume large quantities of coffee too? Which is your favorite kind of coffee? Tell us more in the comments below.

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