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UEFA Champions League quarter-final draws

The UEFA Champions League quarter-final draws was held in Nyon, Switzerland. The top 8 teams of Europe have been pulled out to make pairs for the quarter-finals. We are in for some exciting games and tight duels.

UEFA Champions league cup (SkySport)

FC Porto – Chelsea

FC Porto amazed us by knocking out Juventus from the play-offs on away goals (4-4 on aggregate). Leader of defense Pepe came up with a tough but clear top-class performance keeping Cristiano Ronaldo silent. The cheeky free-kick goal from Sergio Oliveira in the second leg is one to watch.

The arrival of Thomas Tuchel had a positive influence on Chelsea, ensuring a place among the quarter-finalists. They have knocked out the enervated Atlético Madrid with a double win (3-0 on aggregate). Olivier Giroud’s fascinating overhead kick goal from the first leg is one of the finest.

Borussia Dortmund – Manchester City

Borussia Dortmund has beaten Sevilla in the round of 16 (5-4 on aggregate) with the extraordinary contribution of Erling Haaland. The Norwegian striker scored 10 goals in his 6 matches in the Champions League so far (4 against Sevilla), despite being only 20 years old. Borussia Dortmund has problems in the Bundesliga, but as we can see, they are quite effective in the Champions League.

Manchester City has secured his place among the best 8 by defeating Borussia Mönchengladbach twice (4-0 on aggregate). Ilkay Gündogan is living his best days at the club, being the top scorer in all competitions, despite the fact that he is a central midfielder. His play is worth watching in the quarter finals, as well.

Bayern München – PSG

PSG’s new boss Mauricio Pochettino’s great impact on the team resulted in a 5-2 win on aggregate against Barcelona, with Kylian Mbappé’s outstanding performance, who scored 4. Barcelona’s play was disappointing, showing a lack of imagination.

Bayern Munich played on another level against Lazio, managing a 6-2 overall win. They play like title-holders, and according to their form, they are on the right path to win it again.

Real Madrid – Liverpool

Liverpool reached quarter-finals with a confident double-win over RB Leipzig (4-0 on aggregate). It was a bit of a surprise, given their recent form in the Premier League. They are only 6th on the table at the moment, despite leading it at the end of 2020. Maybe that’s the reason why they concentrate more power on the Champions League.

It wasn’t as easy for Real Madrid to beat Atalanta, as we supposed, but now they are in the quarter-finals with a 4-1 win on aggregate.

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