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  • Rafael Scherzinger

The Rise of Manchester United

(Photo: Pixabay)

As a Manchester United fan, I cannot stay silent about the recent turn-up in form of my beloved team. 18 games unbeaten, and from these, the majority have been won. It was the horrible 6-3 defeat against Manchester City in the Etihad Stadium on the 2nd of October 2022 where United lost its last game.

In addition to all of this, Eric Ten Haag already made history, winning 20 games in his first 27 games as the new Manchester United head coach. This is the fastest a manager has ever reached 20 wins in the club’s past.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left the club, many doubted that this club will still be intact. Fortunately, it looks like the manager has a clear idea what to do with players that obey his ideas of playing football.

In the face of the recent Manchester derby on the 14th of January, it was one of the first times United fans had their hopes really high, while City still finds itself 2nd on the Premier League table. United being 4th right now made the life of their noisy neighbors’ life more difficult than most people thought at the beginning of the season, winning 2-1.

Maybe the biggest star of the team right now is Marcus Rashford, who already scored 7 times since the end of the World Cup, making himself the best goalscorer in the world so far this year. One can say it was a legendary game between the two Giants from Manchester’s. Let’s go, Red Devils!

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