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The Greenwood Case

The Millennial Agora recently wrote a review about how Manchester United is struggling to find its form for this season. In addition to that, now another obstacle is standing in the way in the form of physical abuse/rape allegations connected to Mason Greenwood.

Photo: Vizaca

At the beginning of February, shocking pictures and audio recordings emerged on Harriet Robson’s Instagram story. Mason Greenwood’s ex-girlfriend posted them with the caption „if anybody is wondering how Mason is treating me”. The pictures showed potential evidence of physical abuse: bruises on her arms, legs, and head. In the audio recordings, the listener can hear how Mason is aggressively trying to get Harriet to „open her legs”. With further details after these Instagram stories have been posted, police started investigating immediately, and arrested Greenwood. After a few days, Mason paid the bail, and is now set free. The investigation by the police continues while Mason had to face more consequences. Due to this process, he is not allowed to set foot on the Manchester United training ground, and he is not allowed to play for the club at least while the investigation continues.

The global sports brand Nike has also distanced themselves from Greenwood by terminating his Nike-Athlete contract and stating, „Nike is against any form of abuse”. We also know that the Manchester United dressing room also undertook some actions; players have unfollowed Mason on all social media platforms and have broken contact with him. It seems no one wants to be associated with him since these allegations came to light. Greenwood himself has not commented or spoken out since the start of these charges, and has been absent on social media ever since. Only time will tell how his case unfolds, until then we must wait, since it is unlikely that we hear from him during this time. The Agora will come with an update as soon as any news arrives regarding Mason Greenwood’s situation.

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