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The Final of Euro 2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

After a thrilling month of action, the European Football Championships ended in thrilling fashion with a win for Italy over England.

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma won Player of the Tournament honors after the Final. (Photo: Daily Mail)

The final of this year’s European Championship took place on Sunday night at London’s Wembley Stadium, where the national teams of Italy and England fought against each other to lift the prestigious trophy. England scored early in the 3rd minute with a superb counterattack after an Italian corner, well executed by Luke Shaw. This goal was also the fastest goal ever scored in a Euro Final. For the rest of the first half, England dominated possession, and it seemed the chances for winning the game became very likely. This changed when Italy left the dressing room for the second half. The Italians created more chances, won ball possession back, and used high pressing on the pitch, which eventually resulted in a well deserved equalizer from a setpiece in the 63rd minute.

After 120 minutes of gametime, the final result was 1-1, which meant penalties were needed. In the end, Italy won the shootout, having converted three of their five penalty kicks, while England only managed to score two out of their five attempts.

The penalty takers for Italy were the following:

- Berardi (scored)

- Belotti (missed)

- Bonucci (scored)

- Bernardeschi (scored)

- Jorginho (missed)

As for England, the list was:

- Kane (scored)

- Maguire (scored)

- Rashford (missed)

- Sancho (missed)

- Saka (missed)

After Saka’s failed penalty, which was brilliantly saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma, the Italian players and fans started celebrating with passion. In the celebrations Leonardo Bonucci grasped the opportunity to hit back on English supporters by shouting „it is coming to Rome” twice to the camera. Italy won its 2nd Euro trophy, while being 4 time World Cup winners as well.

Sadly enough we had to wake up the morning after to the news that the English players that have missed their penalties have been racially abused on the internet by their own fans. The Football Association of England started investigations against racist fans. English clubs and official channels have raised their voice to speak out against racism, defending their players. This year’s trophy did not, in the end, „come home” to England after all.

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