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Skagen Faster 6 Review

Smartwatches are inconceivable for many from the old days. Especially the Apple Watches are highly regarded by many users. They are chic, easy to use and also very useful. However, such an Apple Watch costs quite a lot of money and if you don’t have an iPhone, an Apple Watch doesn’t make much sense either. Instead, many smartwatches are offered in the Android area, which, with some exceptions, usually fail with most users. But now a new Android smartwatch is supposed to change that. Not too expensive, but also of a high quality, the Stagen Falster 6 should fit this niche. We must not let this go unnoticed. All information about the clock will follow below.

Handling and design: With a diameter of 41mm, the Falster 6 is neither too small nor too large and fits every wrist. It weighs only 39 grams, even though the case is not made of aluminum, as with most other smartwatches, but made of chic stainless steel. The wristband of the watch is easily interchangeable and there are a total of 4 case colors: Black, grey, silver and gold.


Let’s start with the hardware with water resistance. The Falster 6 is IP68 certified. This means that neither rain nor a shower can damage the smartwatch. Even short swimming is possible with the watch. A good speaker and microphone are also integrated, and the Goggle Assistant comes with it of course. Only the vibration motor leaves much to be desired. Instead, you get a really good display with the Falster 6. Thanks to Oled a perfect black value and otherwise also intense and realistic colors. The resolution is, similar to the Apple Watch, 325ppi. There is an automatic brightness control and additional touchscreen with 3 buttons. Two of them are freely available. The third is a rotating and printable crown. Probably the biggest advantage, unlike most other Android Watches, is the processor. The new processor is the 4100+ and makes gigantic differences to the previous processors. It isn't only fast, but also very energy-saving and hardly warms up. Support is 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM. Thanks to the processor, the smartwatch also has a very good battery life. 1 day or even 2 days are possible. With a little economical use, you can also get to 3 days. If the battery is empty, the smartwatch charges from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes.


The software of the Faster 6 is the Wear OS and is of course based on the latest version of Android. Bluetooth 5, an Always On-Display, NFC, chic widgets, compass or similar apps and features are also included. However, there are unfortunately some apps that some would like to use like for example the "Deutsche Bahn",a popular app for rail users in Europe. An update is to be added, but the exact date is unknown.


This brings us to the end, and thus to the final and more important question. And that is how much the Skagen Faster 6 actually costs. The RRP was 299€, but again and again the smartwatch can be found in many offers for 250€. All in all, you get for about 250€ a fancy watch with good and useful functions, without major disadvantages or technical problems. An offer that you might not want to miss.

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