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Samsung Galaxy S22 Review

It’s time again! The S22 Ultra is the new flagship of Samsung and, similar to last year, is set to take first place in the smartphone market. It is equipped with the best technology that Samsung has to offer, and at least according to the specifications, it seems to follow up on the previous demands of Samsung fans. However, let us take a closer look at whether this is the case in practice.

Samsung conquered the smartphone market very early on with a large selection of mobile phones and a relatively high quality. Not only does it offer many unrivaled mid-range devices, but also many sophisticated phones which could be considered the best mobile phones on the market. And so last year Samsung introduced its newest smartphone on the market, the S21 Ultra, which was able to convince most people with a good overall package, despite the relatively high price. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should represent the strengths of the S21 Ultra again this year and eliminate the weaknesses as good as possible. Samsung will typically include an outstanding display with 120Hz, a new Exynos processor and a new camera.

Design and handling:

The S22 Ultra comes in 4 matte colors: phantom white, phantom black, burgundy and a slightly darker green. The device is edged and feels lighter in the hand thanks to the edge display than it actually is. Accordingly, it sits very well in the hand. The buttons are placed on the left and more centrally, which makes them easy to reach, despite the size of the smartphone. The pressure point of the buttons is good. On the back you can find the cameras, which almost do not stand out at all. The smartphone consists of a glass back with durable Victus Plus and an aluminum frame. All this makes the smartphone feel very high-quality.


The display of the S22 Ultra is an Infinity-O Dynamic Amoled display with the size of 6. 8” inch. The resolution is Quad HD+ and is therefore extremely sharp with 500ppi.

Added to this is a refresh rate of 120Hz which makes every animation and scrolling appear much smoother. The color contrast, with that of the iPhone 13 pro Max, is the best on the market. Realistic colors, including a perfect black thanks to the Amoled technique and a true-to-color white. You should not have any problems with the brightness of the display, since it can reach a value of 1750nits. Generally speaking, it’s hard to find a better display.


The S22 Ultra is only available in Europe with the Samsung in-house Exynos processor. In the USA, for example, the S22 Ultra doesn't come with the Exynos processor, but with the even better Snapdragon processor. Apart from that, the performance of both processors is at a very high level.

Supporting the processor, the S22 Ultra has 8GB RAM, 12GB RAM or even 16GB RAM. There is hardly any heat generation or poor ventilation. The non-expandable internal storage space is 128GB, 256GB or even 512GB depending on the model.


The camera setup consists of a 12MG pixel ultra-wide angle sensor with f2.2 Aperture, a 108MG pixel main sensor with f1.8 aperture and two 10MG pixel zoom sensors, one triple and the other tenfold optical. So much for the theory. In practice, you can say that with the main sensor, you can take very detailed and high-contrast photos. The ultra-wide angle takes similar pictures with a lot of light, but loses some detail with less light. The zoom, on the other hand, is the best zoom you can have with a smartphone thanks to the specially built-in sensors. Video quality has also improved. The colors are even more realistic than last year and thanks to the now better software there is no overexposure at all. 8k with 30fps or a little more stable 4k with 60fps recordings are possible and trigger very sharp due to the high number of megapixels. You will hardly have overstatement or unnatural colors with the S22 Ultra.


The battery capacity is 5000mAh. However, due to the high standby consumption and the high performance of the smartphone, it doesn’t keep up with the battery life that you might expect due to the size of the battery. But the values are by no means bad, only you can see the competition here is a bit far ahead. Thus, the S22 Ultra achieves an average battery life of 6 hours. 5 hours of mobile phone use at full power and with a slightly economical use, a battery life of 7. 5 to 8 hours. This lasts for a day with normal use, for some maybe 2 days. Then you have to charge with the 25- or 45-watt charging cable that you have to buy separately. You reach 100% in about 1 hour.


Otherwise, the S22 Ultra has clear and balanced stereo speakers that can be very loud. The vibration motor is better than ever for Samsung conditions. Unfortunately, there is no headphone connection and a charging cable you have to buy separately. The smartphone comes naturally with the latest version Android 12 and some customization from Samsung itself. Samsung promises 5 years software updates and 4 years security updates.


Despite all the good points, the S22 Ultra is not without problems. So, again and again, jerks and small delays are detected. It is assumed that it is only a software problem, and an update could fix it. Some devices are not affected at all, or were not affected after the first updates to these issues. It remains to be seen whether these jerks can be removed from all devices.If we look beyond it, there is still the too high price of about, 1200€. However, it varies again and again and the chance that it falls (as is typical with Samsung) very quickly is, as every year, very high.


Now that we have looked at all the points of the S22 Ultra, we can say that anyone who is not deterred by the high price will have one of the best mobile phones ever with the S22 Ultra.

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