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  • Adam Mesjar

Ice Hockey Captain Timur Fayzutdinov has Passed Away at the Age of 19.

After a puck struck the head of the young player, he was rushed to the hospital, where he eventually died.

Timur Fayzutdinov was a promising up-and-coming hockey player in Russia.

The unfortunate incident took place on Friday, March 12, during the quarterfinal match of the Charlamov Cup in the junior MHL between the home team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and the guest Dynamo St. Petersburg. The situation was commonplace, happening many times during the span of a hockey game. Yaroslavl defenseman Dmitrij Tjuvilin was in the neutral zone and threw the puck towards the opponent's goal. However, this innocent-looking and unfortunate throw unexpectedly hit the Dynamo captain directly in the head. He was not ready for the impact of the puck, because a moment before he turned his gaze to the right.

The thrown puck hit Fayzutdinov directly into the temporal area of the brain. All participants were frightened and worried about the young man's health. Tjuvilin, who was guilty of an unfortunate throw, had only a blank, meaningless look on his face. After the puck hit him, the Russian defenseman immediately fell to the ice, got up again, skated a few meters and fell to the ground again. Shortly afterwards, he fainted on the ice. From the ice, rescuers immediately transported him on a stretcher to an ambulance and was rushed to the intensive care unit at one of the hospitals in Yaroslavl. Examinations showed that the player suffered, among other things, a fracture of the temporal bone, damage to the artery and bleeding into the brain. Doctors intubated him and connected him to devices.

"We are doing everything we can for Timur. All the necessary medicines and equipment are available to him, qualified doctors are involved. All expenses are covered by the club, "said Fayzutdinov's club MHC Dynamo St. Petersburg in a subsequent statement.

His family immediately arrived in Yaroslavl. His mother Jelena tried to negotiate with doctors in Yaroslavl as soon as possible to transfer his son from the intensive care unit of the Yaroslavl Hospital to a specialized neurological clinic in Moscow, which would offer him a better chance in his most important struggle, the struggle for life. However, due to the patient's serious condition, much-needed transport was not possible.

Doctors stated on Tuesday (16.2) in the morning that the captain of the St. Petersburg juniors is in critical condition and the situation is not improving. The hospital does not have the necessary equipment or sufficiently specialized staff for this type of trauma. At that moment, the young man and all his loved ones could only wait for a miracle, which unfortunately did not come. Timur Fayzutdinov, a 19-year-old promising hockey player, succumbed to a serious head injury during Tuesday morning.

"I would like to express my condolences on behalf of the entire Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) to the parents and all relatives of the deceased. We also express our condolences to the St Petersburg Dynamo. We are ready to help Timur's family, "said FHR Vice President Roman Rotenberg.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this tragic time. Rest in peace Timur.

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