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Former PM of United Kingdom says country could become a ‘failed state’ without major reforms

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Gordon Brown during his speech where he resigned as prime minister (2010)

Gordon Brown (Labour party) who was a prime minister of Great Britain from 2007-2010 is convinced that the United Kingdom needs major reforms if the country wants to avoid an historic failing or even collapse. His claims are backed by lack of trust among residents of UK, especially in Scotland where the attempts to reach independence threaten the integrity of the UK.

According to Brown, the Scottish National Party (SNP) does not have a democratic mandate to hold a referendum, and the expected victory of the SNP in the May elections to the Scottish Parliament will not change anything, writes the Reuters agency.

“It is indeed Scotland where dissatisfaction is so deep that it threatens the end of the United Kingdom.” writes Gordon Brown in The Daily Telegraph. Brown continues saying that the United Kingdom is at a crossroads and can choose between becoming a reformed state or a failed state.

Scotland and Northern Ireland, just like England and Wales, are part of the United Kingdom. They have their own government, which has limited powers. The issue of Scotland's independence from Britain has once again come to the fore after Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, since Scots are more pro-EU then people in England or Wales. Scotland already had a referendum on independence in 2014, where little over 50% of the Scottish voters were against leaving the United Kingdom

After five years of the Brexit crisis that is still going on and one year of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic not only has the economy of the United Kingdom weakened but also the levels of trust that people have in their government.

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