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First Interview with Donald Trump after Leaving the Office was Taken Down from Facebook

Lara Trump announced an interview with a former president Donald Trump on her instagram profile a few days ago. After releasing Trump’s first interview after leaving the office, it was taken down by Facebook.

Photo: IG profile @laraleatrump

This interview was posted on Lara Trump’s personal platform called “The Right View”. She later posted a screenshot of an email from Facebook that said her video with Trump had been removed, due to the ban on his accounts.

Trump was banned on Facebook and other social media after the January 6th riots. But banning a personally managed account of Donald Trump was not all that Facebook included in new guidelines. Lara Trump received an email from Facebook about taking down the interview. According to these email content featuring Donald Trump speaking is not acceptable on Facebook. Lara Trump posted screenshots of the emails on her instagram profile.

“Just a reminder that content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of Donald Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms and will be removed if posted resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.” said the email that was signed by a facebook worker called Katelyn who later confirmed these emails are real to Reuters but declined to comment.

In the interview that was about eighteen minutes long Trump talked about various topics that surround him the most.

At the start of the interview Trump was asked how he has been. Trump spent most of his time after leaving the office in Florida. So his first words in the interview were praising the way Florida is run.

Later in the interview Trump talked about Biden’s administration in this segment he said that the new president and his office is more liberal and radical than he seemed before the election. “Bernie could not be happier.” Trump said, as he refers to Bernie Sanders as a radical left politician. He also mentioned Biden's health talking about Joe Biden falling on stairs while boarding a plane. “I hope he is in good shape. I hope he is ok, for the sake of the country”

Trump heavily criticised social media and media in general in the interview. Since his ban on most of his social media Trump is very sceptical about freedom and bias of platforms like Facebook or Twitter. “Social media has become so corrupt that people do not believe it anymore.” Trump said and the same he thinks of the press media. “We have a press with a point of view and they want to sell that point of view.” he says.

In the end, he was asked about his candidacy in the 2024 election. On question from Lara Trump asking if “we have hope to see Donald Trump run in 2024” he replied “You do have hope”. Indirectly confirming his candidacy for president in four years.

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