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Failed Transfers in the Winter Transfer Window

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In world football, a transfer window never goes without some tensions, misunderstandings, or fatal mistakes that lead to a failing of the transfer of football players. This window was not different. There were plenty of high-profile cases and a number of factors where player transfers could not be pushed over the finish line. These instances are always bitter for a club that wants to reinforce their squad with incoming players. Let us look at some of the most spectacular cases.

FC Barcelona has been criticized heavily over the past years over mishandling their players. As the club’s financial situation only worsens with time, the board has not failed to amuse their fans with questionable or mismanaged transfers. The latest of the bunch is failing to bring Julián Araujo, a Mexican-American right back from LA Galaxy, to the Camp Nou. Apparently, a system issue caused to finalize the transfer deal just 18 seconds after the deadline. Contracts from all sides and the medical tests were already sorted out as reported by Spanish Media sources and Transfermarkt. It is a shame that issues like this can ruin football career moves. It is very likely that the player will join Barcelona in the summer instead.

Isco, the well-known player that played for Real Madrid for many years, is out of a contract, and currently without a club to play for. Union Berlin from the Bundesliga wanted to bring him to Berlin on Deadline Day, with very little time remaining. Of course, as anyone can imagine, it is hard to find an agreement for salaries etc. in the last day of a window. It looked like Isco will sign the contract with Union, but in the dying hours of the window there were some misunderstandings between player and club. Apparently, Isco and his agents understood his wages in net salary, while the contract stated the amounts in gross salary. In Spain, wages are always displayed in gross, while in Germany in most cases in net. A very sad outcome for an excellent opportunity.

Last but least, the biggest failed transfer of this window was Hakim Ziyech, who was supposed to move from London to Paris. The Chelsea player already did his medical tests, signed all the necessary contract papers with Paris Saint Germain, when in the last minutes of Deadline Day Chelsea sent the wrong documents to PSG not once, not twice, but THREE times. One was the wrong document for the deal, the other two times the right one, but without the required signature from Chelsea’s side. Finally, the right document with the right signature arrived just a few minutes after the deadline, 12 pm in France (which meant 11 pm in England). Since the deal did not go through, Ziyech was forced to take a plane back to London. What poor business by Chelsea.

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