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Exclusive Interview with Lewis Capaldi

At the Sziget Music Festival 2018 in Budapest, Hungary, Scottish music superstar Lewis Capaldi sat down with our Rafael Scherzinger to discuss his career and his future plans. Just 2 weeks after this interview, his new song “Someone You Loved” came out, which elevated his career to unimaginable heights reaching almost 2 Billion streams on Spotify (currently 7th most streamed song of all time) and 369 Million views on YouTube, becoming the best selling single of 2019 in the UK.

Lewis Capaldi. (Photo:

Rafael: You had to cancel your last concert in the Czech Republic at the Colours Festival. Are you planning to have a concert in the future in the Czech Republic?

Lewis: Absolutely! About the Colours Festival in Ostrava, we had to be in two places at once, and I was just not able to deal with that, which was a shame. I am trying to organize an extra day in October or November (2018). We will try to be back at the Colours Festival.

R: How does it feel to perform at such a big festival as Sziget?

Lewis: It is incredible! It is such a big festival. It is one of those festivals everybody talks about, and if you tell others that you are performing here, everybody thinks that´s crazy. All the other bands that played here had an amazing time. It is an absolute honor to play to that many people, where my music was very well received.

R: So, I guess you like Hungary so far?

Lewis: So far yeah, it is my first time ever here. It has been incredible, and I will definitely be back.

R: What was the best thing that happened to you in your career so far?

Lewis: I think when I was supporting Sam Smith as a support musician in the O2 Arena, that was incredible. Just that I was able to play in an arena, even as a support actor is crazy. That was for me a definite honor. So many singers, musicians have played in front of big crowds, but to play in front of 20.000 people in the O2 Arena is one of those things not many musicians have ever gotten to do, and I did it when I was 21. So that was special to me.

R: How was it to work together with Rag´n´Bone Man and Milky Chance?

Lewis: Amazing! Rag´n´Bone Man was so fricking lovely, such a nice guy. To see someone at that level so well and still be so nice and humble was an amazing thing for me. Not everyone who does so well becomes an a**hole.

R: Like an idol?

Lewis: He was just so nice, and his voice is just so incredible!

R: Like yours!

Lewis: Thank you! He is just brilliant. And Milky Chance; we went on an America tour with them, which was amazing.

R: Are you still in contact with them? Are you planning something together in the future?

Lewis: Yeah, yeah! Last month in America we were at some festivals, and we were joking with another that we should do this again soon. We have no plans to do anything at the moment, but definitely in the future.

R: If I were a stranger, how would you describe your music?

Lewis: I´d say sad pop, hip hop music. If you´d imagine Adele, but she is a guy and she is not as talented, that´s me.

*Both laughing*

R: How can you keep in track with having concerts every 2-3 days?

Lewis: I suppose it´s like, I love it. I love playing shows and writing music. It doesn´t feel like work. I don´t like flying. I don´t like sitting on planes for 18 hours, but apart from the flights everything else is amazing.

R: Where was the best place to perform?

Lewis: Japan. Best place I´ve ever been to. It is so different from everything. The people are amazing. Everything was just great. If we get calls from there we will definitely return.

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