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  • Schuyler Beltrami

BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, announced the news on Thursday evening. The Queen, who had been in ailing health for over a year, was least seen on Tuesday of this week when she officially accepted Liz Truss as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Queen has ruled the United Kingdom since 1952 and was the longest reigning monarch in British history. She also ruled as the head of state of 14 countries as part of the Commonwealth realm. The Queen was an international symbol of royal politics, stability, and British culture over the seven decades of her rule and became one of the most famous figures in world history. She has overseen the terms of 15 Prime Ministers, including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Boris Johnson. She is survived by four children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Andrew, and Edward, as well as six grandchildren, including William and Harry. Her son, Charles, will now take over the British throne and will rule as King Charles III. His wife, Camilla, will become Queen-Consort.

The Millennial Agora will have a full review of Queen Elizabeth II’s life and career at a later point.

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