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  • Apollon Bairaktaridis

A Return to Pandora: Avatar 2 - The Way of Water


After almost 14 years, one of the most successful movies that broke many records and became a part of theatre history is set to get a sequel. Avatar remains since 2009 the most viewed movie worldwide. In the world of Avatar, mankind has evolved far more since the 21st century. Through advanced technology, humanity was able to travel to a fictional, but still far away planet, called Pandora. There the first human colony was established. Mostly inhabited by soldiers and scientists, humans started exploring the flora and fauna of this foreign planet.

The movie was directed, written, and produced by James Cameron who introduced us in his world by showing us the very nature of humanity, namely exploring the unexplored. While watching the movie, the viewer will notice that the flora and fauna look like ones we know from earth, but at the same time remain different and provoke in us a feeling of an exotic world that waits to be discovered. The existence of many soldiers is not a coincidence, since there are many living animals living on Pandora, enough of them being able to act hostile while meeting humans. There is also a humanoid species called Na´vi living on the planet, which has intelligence. In the beginning of the movie, they are identified as the antagonists to the humans who try to secure the resources since the ones on planet Earth are exhausted. Advanced technology allows the human to use the avatar bodies of the Na´vis and live in them for a specific amount of time.

The Protagonist of the film, Marine Jake Sully, uses one of the Avatars to gain the trust of the Na´vi. He spends much time with them, learning about their way of life and tradition, and even falls in love with the daughter of the tribe’s chief. He realizes they are not an evil species and feels the existence of a strong bond with nature. It is the moment the humans start destroying the nature, he understands who the real evil is and focuses in uniting the tribes of Pandora to save the planet by defeating the humans. After an epic battle, the humans indeed lose and are forced to stop exploiting the planet.

This story reminds us of a fictional reflection of the colonization of America, which resulted in the extinction of most of the indigenous people and takeover of Europeans. The key difference is that this time mankind loses and has withdrawn. This also provokes the big question of the second movie. What exactly is it about? The trailers purposely withhold answers and focus more on showing once again the natural beauty of the planet of Pandora. Nevertheless, without showing who the antagonist will be, some scenes revealed that conflict will be a part of this movie. The answer to that question will be revealed to the fans that decide to discover for a second time the world of James Cameron.

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