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  • Rafael Scherzinger

2 Dead After Tornado Hits Pantelleria

The small Mediterranean island of Pantelleria was struck by a rare tornado last week, leading to at least two deaths.

(Photo: Der Spiegel)

A natural disaster in Pantelleria last week has led to human casualties. The cause was a tornado that hit the small Island, which can be found between Sicily and the coast of Tunisia. The local police have reported 2 deaths and 9 seriously injured people that will be treated in a hospital in Palermo. From the 9 seriously injured, 4 are in critical condition. The local ambulance service can only bring the injured people to Sicily to a hospital once the weather gets better, since they plan to transfer them with helicopters.

The tornado was strong enough to pull cars and other larger objects in the air. One of the reported deaths happened to a firefighter whose car was lifted in the air and thrown around by the power of the tornado. As of now there are no missing people, but authorities are looking for potential missing people. The mayor of Vincenzo Campo in Pantelleria said the following after the disaster on Facebook: “It’s difficult to accept such a thing. It’s a huge pain”.

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